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Papers on the Electric Universe and the Electric Bridge

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The following, mostly in PDF format, may be downloaded here. If the paper size is too large and you prefer to download rather than opening the file in your browser, "right-click" on the "download" link and choose "Save link as”.

The Electric Bridge: download. (5.8Mb)
(Talk given at the Arcane School Conference, London, June 2008)

Discusses developments in the realm of science that are particularly of interest from the standpoints of the Ageless Wisdom, electricity and magnetism.

Although most of this information is already published in official and reputable scientific journals, much is not yet ‘mainstream’ science. Moments of crisis often produce both resistance and confusion: mainstream science offers much opposition while ‘new’ science can easily be trapped into all sorts of false assumptions or allurements. Science does not readily admit to its crisis and has coined a phrase - ‘paradigm shift’ - to cover it. Not all discussions about paradigm shift, however, actually correspond with a real shift in scientific thinking.

We hope to shed some light on the various crossover points and intersections emerging from the scientific research of today.