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Papers on Esoteric Healing and Triangles

Triangles Healing

The following, mostly in PDF format, may be downloaded here. If the paper size is too large and you prefer to download rather than opening the file in your browser, "right-click" on the "download" link and choose "Save link as”.

Esoteric Healing - Introduction I: download. (5.2Mb)

This appendix is an introduction to the book: “ESOTERIC HEALING” by Alan Hopking. It contains essential information and overviews on the principles of Esoteric Healing and the most important centers used in Esoteric Healing. Esoteric Healing uses current research in medical energetics and sources of Ageless Wisdom to provide practical guidelines for diagnosing, prescribing, and therapeutically utilising specific energy forms with both intelligent and intuitive understanding.
The study of the whole book, which contains much more information, is very important to deepen the insights, understanding and application of Esoteric Healing.

Esoteric Healing - Introduction II Triangles: download. (4.7Mb)

Disease is a result of an inhibited flow of Soul energy to the body.
True healing that will change a person’s life and inner motivation, can only happen when the Soul of the patient is involved.
The Art of Esoteric Healing is of connecting with the right triangle at the right time. First we must realise that the understanding of triangle circuits as patterns that form the foundation of our bodies is just another way of looking at the body.
The ancient wisdom reveals that the triangle is the basic building block upon which not only the human being is built but the whole universe as well.


Technique of Triangulation and Spititual Whirlwind or Funnel: download. (0.9Mb)

The Technique of Triangulation is an effective method of Healing, to clear the centers and auric energies of
“debris” that would divert the attention away from the Plan of the Soul and of right living.
The Technique of Triangulation is easy to learn and can become a regular part of meditation - a daily aura’s
“shower” to cleanse the subtle bodies and reorder the auric patterns for right action, right speech and right thought.
From more esoteric perspective the Technique of Triangulation is a useful method to transform “latent seeds of
evil” which are known to be factors - fixated memories of the original cosmic universal corruption - which cause
loops in our intentions that prevent or obstruct our evolutionary progress for the benefit of others.
Fractors are corrupted energies in substance. They can be restored to right function. Esoteric Healing
and the Technique of Triangulation are two useful methods to facilitate this essential process of transmutation
and brings about Universal Peace, Love and the Will to good.
The Spiritual Whirlwind or Funnel is built of energy-substance of highest etheric, emotional (altruistic) and
lower mental sub planes (i.e. atomic sub planes of physical and astral plane and the 4th ether of mental plane). It
removes substance loosened and remaining after the Triangulation process is completed for each day. Its
elementary use is to clear away loose debris or unwanted thought forms..