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The Spleen

The spleen, the third centre, has a specific purpose. It has its correspondence in the third or activity aspect,
and in the third or Activity (Adaptability) Ray,
and is the basis of all the fundamental activities of the microcosm, and of the recurring adaptations of the microcosm to its environment, to its need and to the macrocosm.
It controls the selective processes of the microcosm; it takes the vibratory force and energy of the macrocosm and transmutes it for the use of the microcosm. We might call it the organ of transmutation,
and—as its functions are more completely understood—it will be found that it provides a magnetic link between the conscious, thinking, three-fold man and his lower vehicles, regarding those lower vehicles as the Not-Self, and as themselves animated by informing entities. It is the life force contacting those entities that is the issue and aim
. Alice A. Bailey, Letters on Occult Meditation page 72-73.


Anatomists are beginning to find out new ramifications and new modifications in the human Body,
and they sometimes get very near a truth without quite getting hold of it.
For instance, they are in error as to the Spleen, when they call it the manufactory of the white corpuscles of the Blood, for, as said, it is really the vehicle of the Linga-Śarīra.
But these same white corpuscles–which are the Devourers, the scavengers of the human body–are oozed out of the Linga-Śarīra and are of the same essence as itself.
They come from the Spleen, not because the Spleen manufactures them, but because they are oozed out of the Linga-Śarīra, which, as said, is curled up in the Spleen.
H.P. Blavatsky, Collected Writings XII, p700




The Constitution of Man

ÂTMAN ........................... The SELF, the light of the Divine shining in all men.
BUDDHI........................... Spiriual Intelligence. When manifested, this is the Inner Teacher.
MANAS........................... Mind. When illuminated by BUDDHI, this is the higher Self. A perfect human being would have the MANAS fully developed, and it would enshrine the full light of ÂTMA-BUDDHI..
KÂMA........................... Desire. MANAS enslaved by KÂMA is the lower Self. In the perfected human being, KÂMA is controlled by BUDDHI-MANAS.
PRÂNA........................... Vitality. The life principle. This cannot be considered to be isolated from any part of the other principles. All have their own vitality, but when enumerated as one of the seven principles, PRÂNA is more properly considered in this relationship to the remaining two, the Astral end the Physical.
LINGA-SARÎRA................ The Astral Body. The pattern around and on which is built the physical body.
STULA-SARÎRA............... The Physical Body. The body of flesh, and the outermost expression of the human being.

In traditional western medicine the White Blood Cells of the Spleen have a tremendous ability to respond to environmental
influences, we call anti bodies. White Blood Cells (ß Lymphocytes) make Immune Globulins.


The spleen acts as a filter against foreign organisms that infect the bloodstream, and also filters out old red blood cells from the bloodstream and decomposes them. These functions are performed by phagocytic cells that are capable of engulfing and destroying bacteria, parasites, and debris. Ordinarily, the spleen manufactures red blood cells only toward the end of fetal life, and after birth that function is taken over by the bone marrow. However, in cases of bone marrow breakdown, the spleen reverts to its fetal function. The spleen also acts as a blood reservoir; during stress or at other times when additional blood is needed, the spleen contracts, forcing stored blood into circulation. Recent studies have shown the spleen to be far more important than initially suspected in the fight against infection. There is evidence that the Spleen plays an important role in cardiovascular diseases.

“The circulation of Life, Prāna, through the Body is by way of the Blood.
It is the vital Principle in us, Prānic rather than Prāna, and is closely allied to Kāma and to the Linga-Śarīra. The essence of the Blood is Kāma, penetrated by Prāna, which is universal on this plane.
When Kāma leaves the Blood it congeals."
H.P. Blavatsky, Collected Writings XII, p699

“The stream of dynamic life. This is anchored in the heart. This stream of dynamic energy enters the body, via the head, and passes down to the heart, where it is focussed during the life cycle.
A smaller stream of the universal energy or prana, distinctive from the individualised life force, enters the physical body, via the spleen.
It then rises to the heart to join the larger and more important life stream.
The life stream energises and holds in coherency the integrated physical body.
The stream of pranic energy vitalises the individual atoms and cells of which that body is composed."
Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Healing, page 429