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The Ageless Wisdom

What has the Ageless Wisdom to tell us about all this?

Alice Bailey tells us:

Time and Space are but states of consciousness. 1

This is a very profound statement, but try to keep it in mind during the rest of the exposé.

In 1877 H.P.B. Wrote:

There is no gravitation in the Newtonian sense, but only magnetic attraction and repulsion…
it is by their magnetism that the planets of the solar system have their motions regulated in their respective orbits by the still more powerful magnetism of the sun, not by their weight or gravitation

Einstein was not born yet. And H.P.B. goes on:

Believing but in the law of mutual magneto-electric attraction and repulsion… come to the conclusion that ‘universal gravitation is a weak force,’ utterly incapable of accounting for even one small portion of the phenomena of motion.3

We now know that the electrical force indeed is much – much – stronger than the gravitational force. They differ by 39 orders of magnitude (10 with 39 zeroes)!

The earth is a magnetic body; in fact, as some scientists have found, it is one vast magnet, as Paracelsus affirmed some 300 years ago. It is charged with one form of electricity — let us call it positive — which it evolves continuously by spontaneous action, in its interior or centre of motion.4

Somewhat later Sir Oliver Lodge noted seven steps in the evolution of stars:

  1. Ether full of intrinsic circulation.
  2. Everything flows, nothing is stagnant.
  3. Fusing of specks of ether into electric charges.
  4. Cohering of these charges to constitute atoms of matter.
  5. Agglomeration of matter into clouds endowed with rotation.
  6. Gradual increase of rotating speed until masses emit rays which break into great stars of high temperature, the radiation loss from which makes them shrink into compacter stars from whence are born the germs of life.
  7. Stars loose their substance, shrink, darken and perhaps ultimately disappear, leaving once more Ether and Radiation so that the whole process can conceivably begin again.5

And Sir Oliver Lodge concludes:

Matter tends to be swallowed up by electricity again.5

Such theories were quite popular at that time, including thoughts about the ether.