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The images we are now going to see are not visible within the window of visible light only. Often they are composite images, with data from X ray, UV, infrared etc.

Cat's Eye Detail Cat's Eye Nebulae
Cat’s Eye - centre of the nebula on the right Courtesy: NASA/JPL
Cat’s Eye - the full nebula - Courtesy: NASA/JPL

The Cat’s Eye displays very clearly an enormous activity in the sky, at first difficult to explain within a classical gravitation theory. Structures as we see here have been reproduced in laboratory experiments, of course on a much smaller scale. And they have been produced too with computer simulations based on the laws of classical electrodynamics.
The centre of the Cat’s Eye gives a fascinating picture of activity which strongly points to electric behaviour. Please note the cellular structures.

Cat's Eye Detail Cat's Eye Nebulae
Ant Nebula - Courtesy: NASA/JPL
Explosion of a Sun like star - Courtesy: NASA/JPL

The Ant nebula again shows interactions difficult to explain by traditional gravitation, yet fitting very well within an electrical explanation.

In the picture on the right we witness the explosion of a star, supposed to be rather similar to our Sun.