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The Electric Bridge


Regularly we see in the newspapers great front page headlines about recent scientific discoveries. Both in the very big as well as the very small, from astronomy via cell biology to particle physics, stupendous discoveries are made with very advanced detection equipment. Much classification work, an important part of scientific research, has been done with dazzling precision. Yet the understanding of the ‘how’ and in particular the ‘why’ is a different story. Efforts to come to a so called “unified theory of everything” have been opposed almost a century long by a stubborn nature, which refuses to reveal its secrets so easy.
In particle physics for example it is still not understood why some particles have mass and others not. And in astronomy we have to live with concepts like black holes, dark matter and dark energy – concepts which are in principle non-observable, yet invented by theoretical speculation. New discoveries often call for more questions than that they supply answers on long outstanding problems of science. Of the Large Hadron  Collider (LHC) of CERN in Geneva – an impressive and almost unique example of international cooperation – it is more or less expected that it will give new dynamics to the field of physics. A physics, which despite a number of successes, has arrived at a certain impasse, with all kinds of open fundamental questions eagerly waiting for an answer.

We will discuss some developments in the realm of science, which are particularly of interest from the point of view of the Ageless Wisdom and electricity and magnetism.
Please note that although most of the information we will discuss has been published in official and renowned scientific journals, much of what we have to say is not yet “main stream” science. In moments of crises there is often resistance and confusion. Main stream science produces a lot of resistance, whereas “new” science too often is trapped by glamours of all kinds. Science will not rapidly admit to be in a crisis - it has invented a word for that: “paradigm shift.” Not all recent discussions about paradigm shifts, however, correspond with real shifts in scientific thinking. We hope to shed some light on the cross roads emerging in the scientific research of today.

As the title indicates, the focus will be on electricity (and magnetism). But also on the bridge: Electricity plays a role in many, if not all, areas of manifestation, and we will touch upon concepts as vast as galaxies in the sky as well as upon topics as small as cells in the human body.

To not get lost immediately we will first give some basics from the point of view of the Ageless Wisdom.
Then we will explain what we mean by “the Electric Universe.”
And we will see what that implies for galaxies, our Sun, and our planet Earth.
Finally we will have a short look at its implications for the human cell.

The scientific community of today takes as premises of cosmology: