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Historically the first observations were done in the rather small window of visible light, which is only part of the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Now, with modern equipment, we can observe the sky in almost any area ranging from X rays to radio waves. With the amazing power and precision of modern telescopes like the Hubble telescope in the Sky and the Very Large Telescope in Chile we are now receiving images of the sky with constant surprise and amazement.

Electromagnetic spectre

Not only in the vastness of the sky we have now super telescopes at our disposal. In the small, with the help of electronic microscopes, we can observe the cell with unimaginable precision. The cell is composed roughly of a membrane, a nucleus and the cytoplasm. And in the nucleus we find the genes, which contain the famous DNA cells. Please note here the spiral character of both the genes and the DNA molecules.

Cell, Chromosome and DNA

Cell biology tells us that much of our appearance and many of our diseases are related to the DNA.
And an enormous effort has been made to decipher the human genome.
In current medicine, including sometimes the field of psychology, many causes of observed effects are traced back to the DNA molecules of our cells.