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Ajna or Brow Center

Ajna or Brow Center

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Referred to as Third eye, but only opens when the Alta Major center, Head center and Ajna center are in synchronous vibration.
Ajna center precipitates into the pituitary body which controls all other glands.

The Ajna or Brow Center is the seat of personality power.53
The Ajna center has strong links with Hypothalamus,which governs the autonomic system.
Ajna is ruled by the Monadic plane.54
It is an organ of idealism.
Ajna controls the expression of the personality and “grounds” and distributes the spiritual energy of the Soul.

When the Ajna center is active, it has a twofold flow, inward and outward.

The outward flow enables a healer to have inner vision and perception concerning the patient’s underlying condition and then to creatively work to correct it.
The inward flow of the Ajna is utilised when the healer is balancing the centers.

Linked to Alta major center, the Ajna center controls Cerebellum (muscular action) and the central nervous system.

Ajna center has 3 sections

  1. Upper Ajna (related to front pituitary lobe > 7 hormones) governing all centers in the body, their endocrine glands and expression through the circulatory system and heart. Has power to Visualise.55
  2. Middle Ajna (related to pituitary’s stalk) has 5 points related to major centers of spine (see diagnosis).56
  3. Lower Ajna (related to back pituitary lobe) governing central nervous system with a special relation to Alta major center and Throat center. In the back pituitary lobe the reasoning mind has its seat57 and through it we express desire in its highest form.58

The Ajna is the most important center in magnetic healing. Its powerful energy is always transferred to the etheric body of the patient via the hand minors of the healer.

Ajna embodies the idea lying behind the act of creativity. e organ of creativity itself is the Throat center.

Ajna fuses the creative energies of the throat and the sublimated energies of desire or true Love of the Heart.

In the Higher Healer working according to the Inner Plan, the Ajna center becomes the directing agent or the distributor of the blended energies of the Divine Man.59