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Alta Major Center

Alta Major Center

Influenced by Ray III Alta Major is a minor center but functions as a major center.

The throat center connects with it at the moment that the Antahkarana is starting to be built.

Alta Major is connected with the Carotid body, which monitors oxygen content in the blood and controls respiration.51

Strong influence of the roat center. When Alta Major is fully developed, it forms a communication center between vital energy of the spinal column (KUNDALINI) and the energy of the two head centers (Crown and Ajna).

Alta Major is the physical correspondence to the Antahkarana.52

Alta Major has powerful link with cerebellum (voluntary muscle movements), medulla oblongata (breathing, heart rate and blood pressure = also connections with Throat- and Heart center) and spine.
Alta Major development leads to an acquired and conscious control of one’s dharma or Soul work on earth.

It has the power to bring down intuitive vision into consciousness. It is the healer’s conscious link with the Higher Mind.

Through the Alta Major center the Spiritual Will of the Crown center is balanced.
Alta Major center is particularly related to sleep and to the working out of past experiences in sleep.
It is helpful to go to sleep with the consciousness gently focussed in the Ajna center.

To balance Alta Major center:

Alta Major inset

With thumb and forefinger of one hand enter the ingoing stream at the back of the head, and with the other hand’s index finger placed about 20 cm from the front of the head (near the
hairline of the mid-forehead) meet the outstreaming force.