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Base Center

Base Center

Average person
The Sanskrit name is Muladhara. This center is a 4 petalled lotus.
Ray I
The fires of the animal plane are centralised in the base center.16
Ray IV
It is found on the fourth ether of every plane.17

The Base center governs elimination, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The Base center controls the adrenal glands. They are chiefly responsible for regulating the stress response (“fight”, “fright” and ‘flight”) through the synthesis of corticosteroids and catecholamines, including cortisol (glucose balance) and adrenaline (sodium balance).

The Base center is the harbor of our unconscious fears and instincts for survival as well as for success and achievement (ambition).
The Base center governs the legs (e.g. specifically the knees to flee with), as well as the spine.
In fact the Base center governs the whole skeletal system.
The Base center controls the kidneys as well, and rules the skin, the hair, sinews - the scar folding of the body.

The Base center has a special relation to the Spleen center.18
The Base center controls the smell.

The elemental being of the physical body is in the Base center.19
The kundalini sleeps in the Base center.

This chakra comes into its true functioning activity when two major fusions have been effected:
that of the the fusion of the three bodies into one coordinated personality, and when Soul and body are at-oned.20

At the first initiation or expansion of consciousness, man consciously connects with the will of his intelligence and he discovers the light of his true nature.21

Ray I, the fifth initiation of Revelation and the Base center are all connected.22

The purpose of the Base center is to give order to the person, to arrange the person’s life so that there is a reason for living and a right to life.