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Crown or Head Center

Crown or Head Center

Average person
Ray VI
From the heart of this many petalled lotus issues a flame of fire having the basic hue of a person’s soul ray. This flame mounts upward and attracts downward a sheet of electric light, which is the downflow from the Spirit on the highest plane.60
Ray II
Ray I

The mental consciousness of the indwelling Soul is focussed in the Head center61, which itself is controlled by the Logoic plane.62

The Crown center controls the will and destiny of the Soul in incarnation, directs all the other centers and links one to one’s Higher Self.

It is developed chiefly through meditation.
This center is also known as the thousand-petalled lotus flower.

The energy of the Crown center flows in from the top of the head via the fontanel and precipitates in the pineal gland, producing melatonin.

Melatonin has an influence over the circadian biorhythms of our lives.
The gland is affected by light, possibly because it has a pigment similar to that in the retina of the eye.

The usefulness of the Crown center only becomes apparent when the person has developed a certain degree of wisdom, discrimination and spiritual integrity.
The Crown center anchors the consciousness stream from the causal lotus on the Soul level.
There are, under or within the range of the highest Crown center, seven head centers, which are synthesised after the fourth initiation (not including the 3 major centers which we know to be pineal, pituitary and carotid).
Head center=upper brain (cortex); Ajna center=lower brain;
Throat center=medulla; Heart center=third ventricle;
Solar plexus center=hypothalamus; Sacral center=thalamus;
Base center=cerebellum.

The Crown center governs the cerebrum (main part of thinking brain matter) and the right eye.
If this center should be over stimulated, epilepsy, headaches, migraines, and growths in the brain tissue could form or neurosis become apparent.

The Crown center only comes into conscious function when the Kundalini fires have risen significantly and the person is highly developed spiritually, morally and philosophically.
Students often confuse working with the Soul with working with the Crown center.