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Heart Center

Heart Center

Average person
Ray I
The Heart center is a twelve petalled lotus.
Ray VI
Ray II

The feeling consciousness of the soul is focussed through the Heart center. This center anchors the life stream from the monad. Esoterically, the heart of the lotus thrills with life between the third and fourth month after conception.32
Its energy flows from the second subplane of each plane and from the love petals of the causal lotus.33
The thymus is particularly active during childhood, including two things: first, that the Heart center is open during babyhood (till eighteen months it breaks down mother’s milk) and throughout the stage of growing up (from two to
twelve years) it helps to develop the sex glands, working with the Sacral center open to instruction about compassion and true love; second, so that the parents can gently train the child into the ways of decency, politeness, respect and love; this is the heart’s need for right discipline.

During puberty the influence of the Heart center on the solar plexus determine how it might react in adult life. Otherwise, controlling the Solar plexus will be that more difficult to attain.
The Heart center, whose twelve petals link it with the heart center of the planet, with the Planetary Hierarchy or fifth kingdom, governs the heart and circulatory system. It is also closely connected to the lungs and respiration as well as to the

The Heart center also governs the immune system and the lymphatic glands of the body. Love is the coherent force which makes all things whole.34
The Heart center is the controller of spiritual work, group activity and interaction. It is the organ of fusion and inclusiveness (while the Crown center is the organ of synthesis).

Immunodeficiency and autoimmune diseases can be helped via the Heart center. Impersonal relationships and the sense of inclusiveness affect this center’s activity.35
The heart starts functioning after the second initiation, where one ceases to think solely as an individual and in addition becomes attuned to group consciousness. It then acts as a distribution center of hierarchical energy via the soul. In this connection the heart is the exit at death for aspirants and for men and women of goodwill. 36 This center is closely linked with the Ajna center, and, as the Heart center becomes fully alive, so the Ajna’s gland - the pituitary body - enters into activity.
The heart appears to pump but actually it is simply the result of the rhythmical action ot the vital force on the bloodstream as a whole. For it is the interaction of the heart, the blood stream and the nervous system that controls the assimilation of prana, or life energy, into the spleen from the etheric body.
Those who are more mentally polarised in their lives and those who are on a spiritual path that involves intelligence and reason (without emotion and devotional feelings) are often prone to heart complaints.37
People who are governed by the laws and rituals and repetition in their lives have problems and diseases of the blood
stream. It is interesting to note that the Heart center and heart organ are governed by the ray of love (Ray II), and that the
circulatory system is governed by the ray of ritual and magic (Ray VII), the two primary rays of healing among the seven.38