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Introduction Esoteric Healing I

Basics & Centers

This appendix is an introduction to the book: “ESOTERIC HEALING” by Alan Hopking. It contains essential information and overviews on the principles of Esoteric Healing and the most important centers used in Esoteric Healing. The study of the whole book, which contains much more information, is very important to deepen the insights, understanding and applicatiton of Esoteric Healing.

The three laws of health

  1. The law controlling the will to live. This involves the First Aspect of Will and Power (Father, Shiva, Life, Spirit). This law controls the respiratory system.
  2. The law controlling the quality of rhythm. This involves the Second Aspect of Love and Wisdom (Son, Vishnu, Quality, Consciousness). It controls the cardiovascular and nervous systems.
  3. The third law controlling crystallisation. This involves the Third Aspect of Active Intelligence (Holy Spirit, Brahma, Appearance, Matter). The law controls the metabolic system (the organs of assimilation and excretion) 1.

Happiness is a constant flow of successive adjustments that results in growth: the assimilation of ever expanding experience.
Disease is a result of an inhibited flow of Soul energy to the body. It is a process of liberation, for by taking on a disease, a person opens up to greater Soul awareness - an aspect of consciousness not in expression at the time2.

True healing
From the esoteric standpoint, true healing, healing that will change a person’s life and inner motivation, can only happen when the Soul of the patient is involved.
It is seldom sudden, for it involves change and adjustment and reorientation from within. It calls upon the person to make decisions from within, decisions which the Soul wants, not what the little personality desires. True healing will often entail new habits of the body, nutritional change, and changes with regard to the body’s fitness, types of entertainment and relaxation. All these are influenced from within by esoteric healing, not imposed on the patient from without.

It is considered a prerequisite that someone who wishes to practise esoteric healing should meditate regularly. While this book is not about meditation, to practice healing in the way described in the book, meditation is not only recommended but essential.

The use of thought in healing
Spiritual healers do not work with the consciousness aspect of the patient. They work entirely with the life aspect3. The life force works through the Heart center, utilising the bloodstream (love), while the consciousness aspect works through the brain, using the nervous system (will). To heal, we have to create a healing thoughtform 4. The function of every houghtform is threefold:

a. To respond to vibration
b. To provide a body for an idea.
c. To carry out a specific purpose5.

Thought is the carrier for love, the engine, which is the quality of the energy used in the healing thoughtform. We are truly working with the law of Magnetic Impulse.
With every healing done from Soul level, we lift the whole of humanity6. In fact, disease and healing are both aspects of the great “relationship system” which governs all manifestation7. This is something to reflect on.