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The Vital Force in the Body
With the incoming of the Seventh Ray (the Aquarian Age) we can now heal through the whole etheric body (without needing to touch the physical components, since the etheric is the template of the dense physical body). The seventh ray is gaining strength and impact. It is with this understanding that we undertake to study and practice the science and art of esoteric healing. Hence it is fundamental to become more acquainted with the etheric body.

The “etheric body” is a great network of energy weaving through and around the physical body. It is the vital force which maintains the activity of every function of the body. It is the cause and process of the interacting cellular movements in the body. If there is a withdrawal of vitality, atrophy and flaccidity results. If, on the other hand, too much energy is pouring through to a limb, for instance, tetany or tension occurs. A balanced, rhythmical flow through and round the body is the goal of healing. To achieve the goal, however, may require techniques extremely complex, detailed and subtle. But the purpose is the same: to bring about homeostasis (balance) in the body tissues. In this way the etheric body is able to vitalise the physical body. The etheric body is the reflection of the Soul, formed by the Soul of each cell in the body merged as one. It is in this energy field that we work and gain vital information about the patient on the different levels of their being.

Magnetic and Radiatory Healing

Esoteric healing deals primarily with two activities controlling energy, namely, magnetism and radiation. What do these two mean?

A healer must be magnetic above everything else. He must attract:

  1. The power of his own Soul.
  2. Those whom he can help.
  3. Those energies, when need arises, which will stimulate the patient to the desired activity8.

The healer must understand also how to radiate, for the radiation of the Soul will do the following:

  1. Stimulate to activity the Soul of the one to be healed thus setting in motion the healing process.
  2. The radiation of the healer’s mind will illumine the other mind and polarise the will of the patient.
  3. The radiation of the healer’s emotional or astral body, controlled and selfless, will impose a rhythm upon the agitation of the patient’s astral body, and so enable the patient to take right action, while the radiation of the healer’s vital body, working through the Spleen center, will aid in organising the patient’s force body or etheric body9.

Radiatory healing is brought about by linking the Soul with the brain and the Heart center (see rule 5 Triangles: Open the Magnetic Healing triangle), then mingling the two auras on all three levels, both of them responsive to Soul contact. The Soul energy of the patient is then directed by the healer’s Soul towards that aspect of the patient’s physical body needing healing. This process is said to occur consciously or unconsciously.

Radiation is tangible substance and potency, producing effects.... Joy is the most powerful impulse behind the right kind of radiation10.
Magnetic healing involves emanations from the etheric vehicle. Magnetic stimulation of the physical atom emanates from man on astral levels and later from Buddhic levels, the levels of inclusive love11.
When a healer works magnetically and radiates his Soul force to the patient, that patient is enabled more easily to achieve the end desired - which may be complete healing, or it may be the establishing of a state of mind which will enable the patient to live with himself and with his complaint, unhandicapped by the karmic limitations of the body12.