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Sacral Center

Sacral Center

Average person
This center is governed by the Moon (linked to Saturn).
Ray IV
This center is an eight petalled lotus.
This center controls the gonad glands and the whole reproductive system including the breasts.

The male and female gonads produce steroid sex hormones, identical to those produced by adrenal cortical cells. The major distinction is the source and relative amounts produced.
The male gonads, known as the testicles, secrete the class of hormones called androgens, and produce spermatozoa. The predominant androgen in males is testosterone. The female gonads, known as the ovaries, secrete the hormones estrogen and progesterone, as well as ova. The dominant estrogen is known as estradiol, which is derived from testosterone.

Sacral energies govern also all the fluids of the body, including blood, lymph, semen, amnion fluid, mucus and urine,
which relates the center to the kidneys as well. This center, along with the Base center, governs the legs (specifically the hips and feet). All cancers are due to misappropriated sex energy.
The sacral energy has mainly to do with self-perpetuation, so it has a powerful attractive or magnetic quality towards its complementary opposite.
Sacral energy gives a person vitality and attractiveness.
The Sacral center is the origin also of the sense of superiority or inferiority.
This center also governs personal education and family responsibility, a greater sense of impersonality leading to the sense of group life.
Once the Sacral center is correctly led up to the Throat center, the creative process is transformed into Sound Thoughts and pure Speech.23

Its relation to the Throat center connects it to the “True”.
The failure of the personality to respond and its inability to express the True, is to be seen as the failed alignment between these two centers.24

All separation, division, polarity and opposition is said to have underlying sacral influences.
The Sacral center has a particular relation to the Etheric body as a whole. In this sphere we are called upon to function adequately in response to the life of the Soul (on higher levels, to the life of the planetary Logos).25