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Throat Center

Throat Center

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Ray IV
The Throat center is a sixteen petalled lotus.
This center is the highest in the etheric spine.
Ray V

As the life of discipleship proceeds, certain of the petals rise to sound in the two ears, in the medulla oblongata and in the carotid of the Alta major center.43
Apart from having a direct influence over the whole respiratory tract, this center governs the entire digestive system from mouth to anus.44

The creative consciousness of the indwelling soul is focussed in the Throat center.45
In an act of criticism, or if someone has real hatred for another, this negative energy is absorbed by the Throat center and flows like a river of nails into the Solar plexus center where the first symptoms of gasterointestinal disease will manifest.46
“Where there is any physical weakness or limitation, there will be found the localisation of the projected poison.” 47 Voiced or silent criticism can seriously distort the Throat center and affect other centers in its
It must be rooted out before group work is to be undertaken. Gall stones are a definite indication of criticism.
The great influence of the Throat center is over the lungs and respiratory system along with the ears and the vocal apparatus. The creative or destructive weaving of sound is controlled by the Throat center.
In this act, it is closely connected with the Heart center, for the Throat center governs the actual air intake, the act of respiration; and the Heart center controls the point of absorption of oxygen into the blood and release of carbon dioxide to the lungs, the so - called blood - air exchange.
Asthma, bronchitis, respiratory diseases - all are related to Throat center malfunction. And since the Throat will become the clearing house for transferring energy of the lower centers into the Crown center as we advance in spiritual life, we need to take extra care of our thoughts and words.48
The Throat center influences the shoulders, arms and hands. Just as the Sacral center functions to create the physical life through regeneration, so the Throat center, the Sacral’s higher correspondence, is activated by higher creativity and controls the adaptability of thoughts and ideas.
Astral instability, a problem of the Throat center occurs when higher creativity is not properly channelled from the Sacral center, leading to perversion of the sex function, what DK describes as “ancient evil predisposing habits”.49
Here we find the condition, homosexuality, and its connection to Lemuria.
The Throat center is the genuine guardian of our health, the sentry on the bridge between the head and the body.

TheThroat center promotes self-awareness by directing our lives toward the helping and lifting of our fellow humans,
via understanding, cooperation and constructiveness.

Politicians and educators are both strongly influenced by this center, and, interestingly, the Throat center governs the
whole field of science.50