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Vagus Nerve Center

Vagus Nerve Center

Average person
The Vagus nerve center has fourteen petals.
Ray VI
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This center can be said to be the most advanced of the minor centers, not so much in its vibratory status (for in this case the Alta Major center in the head is greater, nor yet in its highest development, for here the Spleen center is greater), but in the sense of its purpose, action and usefulness.

The Vagus nerve center reigns supreme for those who are entering the path of the Spirit, those people who have determined that they want to develop along the lines that evolution has laid down or predetermined. For the aspiring disciple, one still lacking in complete soul control and monadic direction, this center begins to have a major infuence on life.39
It is a call, finally, to group service (heart).
This center is not found in the etheric spine, like the major centers, but is further inside the etheric body, near the thymus
The healer can locate it between the shoulder blades, with its precipitation just above the heart and thymus gland, and on the vagus nerve, the tenth cranial nerve.

The physical nerve travels down from the brain to the heart and lungs, then to the digestive organs.
The vagus nerve, having its origin in the medulla oblongata, is also connected with the Alta major center. It is largely autonomic in its function.

For the disciple not under direct monadic control, it is the major pathway for information filtering down through the head centers. The spine takes up this function after the third initiation.

It seems plausible that the Alta major center uses the vagus nerve to regulate immune response, since the latter is connected with the Heart center and is subservient to it (being related to its pranic function).

Like the spleen, the Vagus nerve center is currently the main center for the reception of prana, and forms a radiant etheric triangle (see, the Pranic Triangle), which is the originating impulse for pranic circulation in the body.41
There is an important triangle connected with this center, called the Kundalini Triangle; the energy points are the Crown center, the Heart center and the Base center.42

There are three interconnecting regulators which control or fail to control the physical body:

  1. The etheric body through the seven major centers and the minor centers.
  2. The endocrine system through the seven major glands.
  3. The nervous system, and particularly the vagus nerve with its effect on the heart and the blood stream.