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The 5 phases of the work of Esoteric Healing

  1. Diagnosis
    a) The Aura
    b) The 5 Centers in the Ajna
  2. Esoteric healing treatment
    Balancing the Centers and Triangles (See selection of relevant triangles)
  3. Closing and sealing the Healing Triangle

Alignment Triangle

A. Alignment and attunement

  1. Align your threefold personality with your soul
  2. Create the Higher Triangle
  3. Recite the group mantram
  4. Open the Radiatory Healing Triangle
  5. Open the Magnetic Healing Triangle
  6. Build the Ray Attunement Triangle (if indicated)
  7. Activate the Protecting Triangle
  8. Construct the three Activating Triangles
  9. Make the Triangle of Transfer

1. Align your threefold personality with your soul

Breath naturally (both patient and healer).
Connect all chakras mutually to each other by giving them attention and visualise
balance in them (from Base to Crown center).
Connect with the Soul level (causal), then connect with the Monadic level
and the monad (from a cosmic system from which we originated and to which we
will eventually return).
Move your attention from the Monadic level back to the Soul level.
Connect with the patient’s Soul (Soul to Soul) 73.

Alignment Triangle