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Basic Triangle

17 The Basic Triangle

Before going into the spine proper, however, we will be activating the Basic Triangle, which will circulate the energies on a causative level for use when clearing begins on the spine itself.

This triangle is also related to the Fear Triangle that deals with fears and phobias, shocks and “shilly-shallying” concerning lack of purpose, direction in life and the will-to-live.

The Basic triangle is the key to getting the base note of the body vibrating, a motion and sound which is slow and intense.
The three points comprise the Base Center and the two etheric points on the adrenal glands, just above the two kidneys on either side of the body.

We are always working to obtain a balance between the three points in the triangle, to bring the balancing points in harmony with the rest of the body, according to the will of the patient’s Soul.








Fear Triangle


20 Fear Triangle

The source of nearly all fear is based on the fear of death.

Fear = death = transformation.

Fear is, in reality, the Dweller on the threshold 90, which is the sum-total of the personality fears.

The Fear Triangle is very useful in all circumstances where the patient is in a state of unknowing and can be used, whenever there is fear or shock involved.

The triangle may also be applicable to those with deep unknown fears that hinder them from making decisions or from taking steps to change their conditions or circumstances. The circuit involves the Base Center and two minute points closely associated with the interior of the kidneys (the place where the input and output of the vessels and tubes is to be found).






Fear Transformation Triangle21 Fear Transformation Triangle

Having done the Fear Triangle, use the Fear Transformation Triangle to transmute the energies for the purposes of greater personality control and direction.

This direction is achieved by transforming these subconscious energies through the Solar Plexus center of glamour and desire right up to the Ajna center which takes its personality direction from the Soul.
Where the personality is being misinformed and misdirected (perhaps the patient is in the wrong social group), it is taking instruction from the Solar Plexus center (the animal brain).

This important triangle circuit goes from Base center to Solar Plexus center to Ajna center 91. The Glamour Triangle could then follow.