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B. Diagnosis

  1. The Aura
  2. The 5 Centers in the Ajna
  1. Hold the energy of LOVE in the Ajna center and raise your hands.
    Move to the right side of the patient and bring your hands gently into the auric field of the patient.
    Sense the integration of the personality bodies of the patient and get an initial impression of the condition of the patient’s energies and needs. This can be in the form of an image, symbol or picture, or in strength of energy (weak or strong).
  2. Bring your left hand into the outgoing stream of the patient’s Ajna center and your right hand (slowly and not too close) in the in stream of the Ajna center. Feel the stream of this center and then move your right hand slightly away from the Ajna center.
    Become aware of the impression you receive and compare it with the impression you had from the aura (this gives information about the relative integration of the soul and personality).
    Connect the 5 fingers of the right hand to the Ajna center of the patient (always keep at a reasonable distance) and connect them with the 5 centers of the spine of the patient:
Hand and Head
Throat center
Index (forefinger)
Heart center
Middle finger
Solar plexus center
Ring finger
Sacral center
Little finger
Base center

Try tuning in to each finger, one at a time and let the chakras in most need, present themselves (under or over stimulation). Sometimes there can be the sensation of having your finger pulled slightly. Now bring back the symbol, image, picture or feeling you initially had, connect it with the center which needs most, and find out if the chakra is over-working or under-working (use intuition).
Then connect this intuition with the highest plane – Causal – to feel (if possible) where the problem is coming
Disconnect hands from the Ajna center of the patient but keep them in the patient’s aura and step behind the