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Dissipating Triangles

Dissipating Illusion

The three dissipating Triangles are important for both healer and patient 85.
As a further deepening of your work with these three triangles, consider the following tabulation.

Counteractive Energy

Creative Knowledge/Intelligence

60a Triangle for Dissipating Illusion

The first, the Triangle for Dissapating Illusion, can dispel the Illusions of the mind. Its points are the Crown center, the Ajna center and the right Eye Minor center. Should energy get “stuck” anywhere along the circuit, mental illusions occur. Thus we can, when this triangle is flowing, we can see things as they are, and not as they appear to be.

Dissipate Glamour

60b Triangle for Dissipating Glamour

The Triangle for Dissipating Glamour can disperse glamour, namely, those
emotional desires and aspirations, hopes and fears, persuasions and
allurements which have nothing to do with reality.
Use the Ajna center and the Left and Right Eye(s) minors in triangle form to
dissipate the glamour of the emotional plane of desire and false attraction.
Do these triangles of illusion and glamour one after the other, and then allow
them to stand in the etheric light of the person, for it is “when these two
triangles are under control and are beginning to function properly that the
seven centers in the etheric body are brought under clear direction” 86
The Triangle of the Second Thread is a powerful combination of this triangle
and three other centers (see the book for more information).

Dissipate Maya

60c Triangle for Dissipating Maya

With the formation of the Triangle for Dissipating Maya we establish a tetrahedral
form of dynamic transformational power.
It is composed of four points and four triangles:

  1. The base: Crown center and the two Eye minors (the main triangle that governs the eyes and seeing on all levels).
  2. Illusion: Head center, Ajna center and right Eye minor.
  3. Glamour: Ajna center, and two Eye minors.
  4. Maya: Crown center, Ajna center and left Eye minor.
Dissipate Maya

Release involves something more than just meditation (which stimulates the love petals of the causal lotus), it also involves the building of the rainbow bridge, called, in esoterism, the Antahkarana.

The Triangle of the Third Thread is a link with the Throat center (the creative
center of building), the Heart center and the Spleen center.

Only in this way can maya be finally overcome; the result will be the fourth initiation, a crucifixion of the whole of one’s personality achievements.