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D. Esoteric Healing Treatment

On the next pages you can find a selection of general primary triangles, triangles that are frequently used and
of major importance.
Each healing is different according to the healing diagnosis.
Some of the triangles are important in the context of the Plan and others because they are elementary.
In the book there are many more triangles; this is merely a starting point for the student to practise then to deepen.

Selection of relevant Triangles

Triangle of Imperil


10. The Triangle for Imperil

The effort to free yourself as well as your patients from irritation or from what is called “imperil” is particularly essential for an advance towards right service and right human relationship.

Irritation and irritability are exceedingly prevalent during these days of nervous tension and stress.

Irritation definitely generates a poison that locates itself in the region of the stomach and Solar Plexus.

The triangle for this transference vibrates from the Solar Plexus center to the Crown center to the Heart center78.

This triangle can be used also on anyone demonstrating stomach and
intestinal problems as well as on any patient whose voice reveals the
poison of irritation. It can also be used to facilitate group healing and













Lower ClearingTriangle

13. Lower Clearing Triangle

The Lower Clearing Triangle involves the Solar Plexus center, the Heart
Center and the Ajna center.
Its effect and purpose can lead the patient towards a stronger identification
with some particular service in the world. This is not done for solo performance
but for work in cooperation with others whith the same inclination.
This triangle helps lead to an increased sensitivity to group
consciousness. There are 2 forms of this triangle:

  1. For the average person: Solar Plexus center, Heart Center and the Ajna center.
  2. Triangle of Spiritual Facilitation: for the advanced student of service to humanity.

This triangle causes a downflow of energy from the Ajna center to the Heart
center, eventually leading eventually to the Heart-in-the-Head center (see Appendix page 14) This is a result of the action of the first triangle and of an
advanced development of the Solar Plexus center (the Ajna of the healer holds both the Solar Plexus center and the Heart-in-the-Head center).

Facilitation Triangle