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General principles of triangles

The ancient wisdom reveals that the triangle is the basic building block upon which, not only the human being is built, but also the whole universe as well.
Every triangle is the expression of one fundamental energy and two secondary forces 75.
The triangle works in two possible ways; which way it works will be the one chosen by the Soul of the patient.

  1. The first method of triangular activity is somewhat two-dimensional. It involves a sequential flow from point to point to point, i.e., from the first center to the second or middle center, to the third, in ordered sequences that have been laid down by the Tibetan. This is the way triangle circuits work in average people, aspirants and most disciples.
  2. In the second method, the triangle stands as a whole, with the points of the triangle working together at the same time. Here the power being released into the triangle pours through the threefold nature of the patient, affecting the Monad, the Soul and the Personality all at the same time. Changes and spiritual development will be secure and permanent. A deeper alignment will be established in the human being (patient).

How triangles utilise energy from an esoteric perspective:

  1. There is the major conditioning energy, producing manifestation: this is the Monadic expression;
  2. Next is the qualifying energy, producing consciousness: this is the Soul expression.
  3. Then there is the responsive point of negative energy mainly responding to the second point of the triangle (B) that produces “a source of violent interplay between the two points of the base line” (B and C), causing an expression of force and tangibility.

It must be remembered that the inner Web of Light, called the Etheric body of the planet, is essentially a web of
triangles and, when the evolutionary process is completed, it will be organised 76.

Chakra Legend

A = Ajna: hold this point or center
R = Right hand holds this point or center
L = Left hand holds this point or center

This is only suggestive since it depends upon where the healer is standing and the upon position of the patient. Always be aware of what you are holding and tof he show of energy. As you hold the triangle, find out what feels right or comfortable for you .
This applies to all the triangles. Energy always flows from your Ajna center first, then to your right hand or your left hand, and then to your other hand, depending on your position.