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Seed Group Triangle

58 Third Seed Group Triangle

If you wish to strengthen your connection that overlords all the healing arts and sciences, another triangle is that related to the Third Seed Group of Magnetic Healers. This group of individuals works intelligently, as Souls, with the vital forces of the etheric body. The triangle involves the Crown center, the Heart center and the Ajna center 101.

Consider the implications of these three centers as they are connected within the framework of the greater group of world health; the Crown center as the recipient of Soul information regarding the work of healing and medicine; the Heart center as the pivotal point from and to which Love radiates between practitioner and patient; and the Ajna center which is the precise focalising attribute of every trained medical professional of whatever discipline.

The purpose of this triangle is to facilitate the work of transmutation of substance according to the understanding of the Cosmic Plan.

The medical department (the third “Seed Group”) is at the forefront of this activity.







Majority Triangle

63 Triangle for the Majority

The Ajna center, Solar Plexus center, and Sacral center form a triangle which governs the majority of mankind 102.
It is to be used to balance those of the human family who have been selected to regenerate the race, i.e., any couple whose karma permits them to have offspring.

Therefore, this triangle is essential for use when a couple has come to you for the healing of their infertility problem. It should be included whenever the Fertility Triangles are used.
See for more information the book.