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Head Triangle

51. The Head Triangle

When working with the major centers of the head, we are aware that they form one of the most subtle triangles in the whole system of esoteric healing. And, since most people rarely live in the head, preferring to think via the Solar Plexus center, we mostly perform this particular circuit in a dimension far removed from the physical and vital bodies in the hope that at least we are impressing patients with healing energies they will reap perhaps only in the distant future.
This triangle, signifying the connection between the three aspects of man - Body, Soul and Spirit - as well as their unity, consists of the Crown center, the Ajna center and the Alta Major center 81.
When this triangle is rotating, the disciple is Soul-controlled and governed by the Law of Magnetic Impulse 82.

Stand facing the right side of the patient. Hold your Ajna on the Crown Center of the patient, place your right hand in front of the forehead to hold the Ajna center, and use your left hand to hold the Alta Major Center at the back of the head.
The Crown Center is a symbol of the Spirit, the Ajna Center of the Soul and the Alta Major of the Body.
Around these centers much light can be poured.
This triangle can be created as a higher expression of the centers of the Crown, Heart and Throat (for more information, see book).



Being Triangle


52. Triangle of Being

At this stage of human evolution, little can be said of this triangle, which is associated with the Head Triangle. In fact very few people will have this triangle even remotely vibrating, for its energies, for us all, lie in the future - a triangle that will express us as we essentially are, expressing that we will become that which we really are. 83

It consists of the Crown Center, the Heart Center and the Base Center.
Please note that this triangle has exactly the same three centers as the Kundalini Triangle (38) though producing different effects that at one level could be seen as complementary and essentially, even identical.
The Triangle of Being, however, is not associated with the Vagus Nerve Center as is the Kundalini Triangle.

This triangle can be allowed to superimpose itself on that very active Triangle which governs the majority of people today, called the Triangle for the Majority: Ajna Center, Solar Plexus Center and Sacral Center 84.
In this way the patient aspires towards Soul control, and if the patient is ready or at the relevant stage, the Kundalini Triangle may also be activated at the same time.
The Triangle of Becoming can also be connected to this triangle. (See book for more information).