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2. Create the Higher Triangle

Link to the Soul of the patient and connect it with the source of all Power, Life and Love -ABC Triangle
Thus you have your principle higher point of energy:

  1. Soul of healer.
  2. Soul of patient.
  3. Source of all Power, life and Love.

3. Recite the group mantram

“With purity of motive, inspired by a loving heart, we offer ourselves for this work of healing.
This offer we make as a group and to the one we seek to heal.” 74

4. Open the Radiatory Healing Triangle

You link the Soul to Soul connection with your heart center and with your brain (etheric) and send Love out
into your Aura and into the Aura of the patient.To Hands

5. Open the Magnetic Healing Triangle

Visualise that Soul to Soul energy is connected with your

6. Build the Ray Attunement Triangle

(only if indicated, when you have knowledge of the Ray’s) (greater and lesser triangle)

7. Activate the Protecting Triangle

Visualise the Love, the great protecting factor, flowing from your Heart center through your Crown center into the Crown center of the patient.

8. Construct the three Activating TrianglesTthree Centers

Connect the 3 following centers:
Crown center – Alta Major – Ajna center.
Now visualise a connection with the corresponding glands of these 3 centers to vitalise the glands:

Crown center
pineal gland (epiphyse)
center of brain
Alta Major
carotid body
behind jaw joint
Ajna center
pituitary body (hypophyse)
inside eyes cross

Now send the energy through the eye centers to Ajna center.

From Crown center
• pineal gland
• right eye center
• Ajna center.
From Alta major
• carotid body
• left eye center
• Ajna center.
From Ajna center
• pituitary body
• Ajna center.

9. Make the Triangle of Transfer

Make a connection between your Ajna center and your two hands.
This triangle is composed of the Ajna center and the two hands.