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Immune Triangle

34 The Immune Triangle

There are three triangles covering the whole immune system, these involve the skin and mucous membrane bacteria, all the body fluids, as well as the phagocytes throughout the body, particularly in the blood (called white blood cells).

The first triangle of the Heart center, the Spleen minor center and the Bone
Marrow point (in the thigh bone) stimulates the production of white blood
cells, building up specific chemical antidotes to infection called antibodies.

A second triangle, from the Heart center, to the thymus point and the Spleen minor, activates the immune system. From the esoteric standpoint, there is no greater protection against any kind of infection in any part of the body (physical, emotional and mental) than the power of Love. This is not the emotional side of Love, but rather the unconditional, selfless aspect, not of the personal kind, but of a kind that gives with no thought of return and where we are totally given up to the present moment.

For the more advanced disciple, you can use a different version of the Immune Triangle, one formed by linking the Heart center (connected with the thymus gland and with the T-cells, governing the lymphatics and the lymphocytes), to the Spleen minor center (which plays a significant role in the immune system) to that center representative of the whole system of protection on all levels, called the Heart-in-the-Head center. This is the central lotus within the head (crown) center, the point where true Being and Love are made conscious.

Around this circuit the healer sends spiritual love as understood by the Soul, the true Self of the patient. Visualise the whole system of immunity, that is, of mental health and balance, emotional control, and physical vitality, flowing through this third triangle to the Heart-in-the-Head center.







Immunel Triangle

Immune Triangle