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Immortality Triangle

3. Immortality Triangle

This triangle is a reflection of the Spleen Triangle of Force on a higher level and cannot be activated without relation to the latter.
The Triangle of Immortality consists of the Throat center, the pituitary body, and the pineal gland. (the Fire of Mind or manasic triangle) When the healer relates these two triangles, they become the magnificent clue to the instinct of self-preservation (which governs the relation of spirit and matter), to the survival of the subtle bodies after death and to the principle of immortality, which is seated in the Soul and functions when self-preservation and survival no longer hold sway.





We create this triangle by connecting

  1. spleen to pituitary,
  2. sacral to throat center,
  3. and base to pineal


Lower Pranic Triangle



4. Lower Prana Triangle

A. Spleen minor center, the organ of physical vitality coming from the Sun
R. Throat center
L. Base center

Move your hands and Ajna focus to the Spleen minor center on the left.
Then, while keeping your Ajna on the Spleen minor center, move your
two hands down to the Base center getting the stream of vitality moving at the same time. Next, with one hand draw the energy up the spine through the major centers in the etheric spine right up to the Throat and Alta Major centers. Now we redirect this prana into the spine and up to the Throat and medulla oblongata governed by the Alta Major center, covering all the spinal nerves, to energise the whole body of centers.