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Lymphatic Triangle

35 The Lymphatic Triangle

The lymphatics are important to the circulatory system, inasmuch as they drain all the wastes from the cells and destroy any cells that are threatening the integrity of the body. This triangle is energised by holding the Heart center simultaneously with the minute etheric points on the two lymphatic drainage ducts just under the clavicle (collar bone). Visualise the whole system as being cleared and vitalised.

It is of interest to note how DK links as one the endocrine and the lymphatic systems in the way they are conditioned by the etheric body, indicating that the lymphatic system is extremely important. This suggests the twofoldness of the etheric body, the endocrine system being the active, positive, masculine expression, while the lymphatic system is the passive, receptive feminine aspect.

He says: "The human body is an aggregate of energy units [and that] in the vital body (thus conditioning the endocrine and lymphatic systems) are certain focal points through which energy pours into the physical body, producing an impression and a stimulation upon the atoms of the body and thus having a powerful effect upon the entire nervous system which it underlies in all parts” 92.






Respiratory Triangle

43 Respiratory Triangle

The Throat center governs the only two processes which involve taking the external world into ourselves.
The Respiratory Triangle has fundamental importance. It is a circuit which is activated from birth, with the first cry indicating its rotation around the points. The energy is circulated from the Throat center to the two Lung minor centers. Respiration problems can afflict people on the First Ray of Will and Power 93. This should come as no surprise since the will aspect manifests through the organ of respiration. The Master DK recommends that people who have lung or respiratory problems should “ponder the relation and distinction between the breath and sound”. One is related to time and astrology and the other to space and the rays.
We use this triangle when patients complain of lung congestion, a condition due to inhibited desire.

From the esoteric angle this triangle works as a pure transformer. The lungs are organs that draw in the vital etheric “fluid” embodying air. It may be of interest that there are five lobes to the lungs (two on the left and three on the right), which may hint at the ancient wisdom’s reference to the five pranas 94.

For the person who treads the spiritual path, the respiratory activity as a
whole, including the process of inhalation and exhalation, is governed by the Heart center, rather than the Throat center
(as is the case with those who have not entered that path) 95.

The only factor that makes the breath effective, is the thought, the intent, and the purpose lying behind it.
The healer, when using the breath, knows how energy follows thought. Only when there is an alliance between breathing and thinking are results possible. But the healer also remembers that the healing should be according to the will of the patient’s Soul. For only the directed will, using the organised rhythmic breath of the patient as its agent, can control the centers and produce an ordered purpose in life 96.