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Pancreas Liver Stomach Triangle

11 The Pancreas Stomach Liver Triangle

This triangle, governed by the Solar Plexus center involves the stomach as the
main secondary externalisation of the Solar Plexus center and the liver on its
right, and the pancreas on its left.
Although this triangle is governed by the Solar Plexus center, there is no need
to hold that major center, as these organs are nourished and stimulated by it.
However, this triangle is only done after three other activities have been performed: the Solar Plexus center has been balanced, the Liver Triangle of
Force has been activated, and the Stomach Triangle has been magnetised.

This triangle can re-energise the whole of the etheric body so that incoming energy from the emotional life of the patient is immedialtely distributed correctly to the three organs, relieving the sort of pressure that would cause so
many problems to the Solar Plexus center and pancreas . Splitting the astral energy three ways (through this triangle) has the remarkable effect of keeping the person’s emotional life under control. It is a mental control even when the mind is undeveloped, making this triangle unique. For it is well known that most of the illnesses of mankind have their origin in the emotional body (also called the astral body).

This triangle is useful for lifting the energies and protecting the organs for the
incoming Solar Plexus energies 89.



Diabetes Triangle


12 Diabetes Triangle

Diabetes is said to arise as a result of a violent suppression of desire through wrong inner desires.

The Diabetes Triangle, which should be used for all types of diabetes
symptoms, consists of the Solar Plexus center, the Stomach Minor center, and the Base center.

This circuit will help the patient to orient his or her desires toward aspiration and to a higher form of satisfaction that is more true to the Soul.