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C. Vitalisation of the bodies of the patient

4 vitality triangles

Pranic Triangle

1. Pranic Triangle

A. Vagus nerve center (governed by the heart center)
R. Minor center below the heart and near the diaphragm
L. Spleen minor center

The Pranic Triangle starts the whole process of healing.

The prana of this triangle has a triple effect in the body:

  1. Its preserves bodily health, protecting the patient from any deterioration during the demanding healing activity.
  2. It constructs and builds in the body what is needed to replace daily wear and tear.
  3. It is the medium whereby one person comes into physical touch with another, known as physical magnetism.77

We will be able to understand how this triangle holds the two sides of nature in balance, especially as we ascend the spiritual path and have to blend the higher with the lower or material self.
Prana is nerve force controlled by the mind from the brain itself.
Prana brings to activity the sense organs.
Prana is the planetary force which keeps us alive.

Prana pervades all our bodies from the physical right up to the most subtle. The capacity to receive and utilise this energy will be according to the evolutionary development of the patient.


Spleen Triangle



2. Spleen Triangle of Force

A. Spleen minor center, the organ of physical vitality coming from the Sun
R. Sacral center
L. Base center

The spleen assimilates the vital energy given off by the planet in two ways.

First, it absorbs the Sun’s vital force, transferring it to the vagus nerve center where it is utilised via the circulation.(see Pranic Triangle)

Second, it takes from the food we eat that living vitality still in the food and sends it to the heart for use in the body’s organs.

The Spleen Triangle of Force is the firrst and most important force triangle used to “ground” the patient to receive the creative and will-evoking healing energies.