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Sacral Triangle

24 The Sacral Triangle

In this center, creative life force is circulated, awaiting use. Its greatest usefulness, of cource is associated with the reproductive system, for that is its area of expression. The triangle consists of the Sacral center (which the healer holds with his Ajna) and the two minor centers on the gonadic glands (the two ovaries or the two testes), which the healer holds with the two hands.

In men, the triangle has its apex pointing up, and the in women, where the apex points down. Please note, this is one of the very few triangles which is different according to whether the patient is male or female.

Where these glands have been removed, which is more usual in women than in men, the etheric organ remains. Generally speaking, the Sacral Triangle is very active because it governs the preservation of life and health in the physical body. Changes to the strength and mobility of the ciruit occur as a result of over-use of the sexual function, when sex is put to a use not intended, or when there is sexual suppression or neglect.








Sacral Triangle

There is a subtle and important difference between the two triangles, sacral to the testes minors and sacral to the ovaries minors.

These two triangles are possibly the most important in the whole of esoteric healing. The healer will have to come back to them time after time to assist them towards complete expression.

These two triangles are, in fact, the personality of the person (either male or female) governed by the Solar Plexus center.

When the three centers, with their related circuits of energy, are in harmony within and between themselves, then the higher circuits begin to function and become active in the life of the person.

The Sacral Triangle works on the problem of personal relationships, sexual fears, family relations, and personal tastes.

Another action is to turn into the throat center to draw the higher creative energy into the Sacral Triangle. (see the book for more information).



Sacral Triangle