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Service Triangle

41 Service Triangle

This is a combination of three triangles which “open out” the Throat center.
They facilitate service and creativity in life 100.
The Throat center is governed by the planet Saturn, deliverer of lessons and challenges. Those who know of the adverse use of this energy can more easily understand the problems associated with the Throat center and the importance of this series of triangles. They use the Throat center as the major center and then open out to the minor points connected with the shoulder joints, then out again to the centers at the elbows, and then out yet again to the minor centers of the hands. The healer will feel the energy of this set of triangles being gradually let outward to the hands of activity and creativity. For this
it is best to move to the front of the sitting patient so that you can draw the energy outward in a flow.

When the energy outward appears to be particularly resistant and blocked, often the case with those who are already chronic arthritics (those who have had arthritis for a long time and who have swollen painful joints), it would be useful to bring into more specific activity the Protecting triangle that you established when opening the healing treatment.

You can see how this series of triangles is related to the Sacral center and the Feet Triangle. The creative, generative force of the Sacral center must be raised to the creative, service-oriented center of the throat. Of course, this has nothing to do with abandoning one’s sex life. Expression through sexual activity continues, which is healthy and right. But if the sexual urge has gone or cannot be expressed for some reason, then what is needed is a transmutation of some part of the sacral energy to the Throat center for use in a creative
way on a different scale.
In fact, all the lower centers involved in transmutation to their higher correspondences are never abandoned. Their usefulness continues. The only thing that changes is that one’s conscious emphasis of the quality and expression
becomes more sensitive. For instance, instead of being driven by desires and personal loves and hates (solar plexus energy), one gradually becomes aware of the Heart center and expresses more selfless, unconditional attitudes.

Purpose Triangle

44 Triangle of Purpose

For this advanced circuit, the healer can use the breath by first linking in with
the Triangle of Purpose, connecting the brain (as the receptor of thought), the mind (the agent of the will), and the will aspect of the Soul itself (Sacrifice Petals of the Causal Body).

This abstract triangle gathers the patient’s Soul purpose, which the healer can conceive of as a clear thoughtform even though it may be totally unconscious. Remember, it is the healer’s Soul that is doing the work. With this circuit activated, the patient’s life can be conditioned upon the vital levels, which in turn will eventually condition the physical plane life. We can now see how two important triangles can be linked and activated, the Respiratory Triangle (43) and the Triangle of Purpose.