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25. The Two Triangles of Force

Two Triangle of Force

These are probably the most important triangles to work with in relation to damaged webs and violated etheric threads. Here we have combination of two triangles that must be held in mind and linked at the same time. The healer superimposes the upper triangle on the lower. Standing to the right of the patient, the healer first connects with the upper triangle by holding the three minor centers with the thumb and two fingers of the right hand in front of the patient.

Raise the left hand behind the patient to connect with the lower force triangle.
Here hold the Sacral center with the middle finger, the Solar plexus minor center with the thumb and the Base center with the index finger 79. Now feel the lines of force connecting with each other right through the etheric body of the patient.

We use this triangle (the two circuits as one, connected through the body) whenever there has been trauma, be it a physical accident, an emotional upheaval or a mental shock. The upper triangle gathers and directs the energy downwards in a kind of involutionary spiral, while the lower triangle receives the energies and consolidates them in the personality. These energies are youth forces.

All the centers have “webs”, or etheric discs, separating them one from the other. The webs act as transformers, either to upgrade ascending energy or to lower the vibratory activity of descending energy. They are the basic necessities for a balanced and harmonious life. On the path of spiritual development these webs are gradually and naturally destroyed.



Two Triangles of Force

Breaking down the webs can even be resisted for certain specific ends by trained individuals, according to the Master DK 80. But if there is a sudden shock, for instance, in a motor accident, or the death of a loved one or even a financial ruin, a person may not be able to contain the surge of rampaging energy and a hole is blasted through one of the etheric webs.
Treating these two triangles in a patient helps draw healing force into the etheric and physical bodies and carries with it energies that are the building materials for the rehabilitation and restoration of a patient’s diseased organs.
The triangles are also particularly effective with anyone seriously ill but who still has plenty of vitality.

You can sense whether they want to live and/or whether they have enough fight to throw off the probleTwo Triangles of Forcem.
See the book for more information.