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What is the Spritual Whirlwind or Funnel?

It is built of energy-substance of highest etheric, emotional (altruistic) and lower mental sub planes (i.e. atomic sub planes of physical and astral plane and the 4th ether of mental plane).
It removes substance loosened and remaining after the Triangulation process is completed for each day.
Its elementary use is to clear away loose debris or unwanted thoughtforms. (cf. Letters on Occult Meditation by A Bailey, pp 191-296).

The Funnel is formed by the balancing of:

  1. The force of gravity
  2. Centrifugal force (outward dispersing)
  3. Centripetal force (inward attractive).

To create the Funnel the mind must be focussed using the power of visualisation far above the head, outside the Causal Field. This is done as it were in consciousness and not in space. This will begin a downward rush of higher energy into the lower and denser energy-substance. This higher energy is invoked by the personality integrated with the Soul by means of visualising the Funnel as a swirling Whirlwind of Light being projected by the Soul. Keep the lowest point of the Funnel in line with the Central Channel.

As the Funnel moves downward it picks up the debris and carries it into the earth for use of the subhuman kingdoms. Allow the Soul to determine the Funnel’s size, frequency, colours, speed and direction - it is not for the personality or intellect to do this. In time when the Funnel is strong, it follows its own programme directed by the Soul and needn’t be definitely invoked and created by the server. In fact it may be found that a whole series of Funnels can be invoked to move through to the ‘burning ground’ (the earth’s etheric body and the lower kingdoms).

The process ought to be repeated until the debris and objectionable substance and unwanted thoughtforms have been cleared away. This technique releases (purifies) the astral and mental bodies for greater service of the Coming One. The physical body requires purification. But it is clear as to the tremendous importance of this ancient technique of the Funnel; it can be used for a few minutes after the central channel meditation and then as often as required during the day, washing and cleansing the aura anywhere and at any time; it acts as a purifier of the ‘bubble of light’ which servers have around them.

Remember that this technique is done within the imagination using visualisation thus it must not be thought to belong to external space, but to the internal atmosphere of our life. This is its strength and relevance. I have centred on this form of creative meditation and given the method of its use in detail rather than to expand on other techniques. The reason for this is that at this time there is a great necessity for conscious and group work; ordered meditation based on spiritual, that is factual, law. The creative building of the Central Vertical Channel or Bridge has been given in good faith that its methods and techniques will not be employed with selfish intention. With the reading of this entire book disastrous possibilities will be minimised or even eliminated and this meditative process should not be used apart from the whole purpose of the book and thus of life. Any undue strain, or an excess of zeal or a one-pointedness that may lead to an unbalanced development must be cautioned against and discouraged. Aspiration, concentration, and determination are necessary virtues but if used without discrimination unwanted delays may be caused in this or later life.

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