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Techniques of Triangulation


Spititual Whirlwind or Funnel

Introduction by Alan Hopking

The Technique of Triangulation is an effective method of Healing, to clear the centers and auric energies of “debris” that would divert the attention away from the Plan of the Soul and of right living.
The Technique of Triangulation is easy to learn and can become a regular part of meditation - a daily aura’s “shower” to cleanse the subtle bodies and reorder the auric patterns for right action, right speech and right thought.

From more esoteric perspective the Technique of Triangulation is a useful method to transform “latent seeds of evil” what are known to be fractors - fixated memories of the original cosmic universal corruption - which cause loops in our intentions that prevent or obstruct our evolutionary progress for the benefit of others. Fractors are corrupted energies in substance. They can be restored to right function. Esoteric Healing1 and the Technique of Triangulation are two useful methods to facilitate this essential process of transmutation and bring about Universal Peace, Love and the Will to good.

The Spiritual Whirlwind or Funnel is built of energy-substance of highest etheric, emotional (altruistic) and lower mental sub planes (i.e. atomic sub planes of physical and astral plane and the 4th ether of mental plane).
It removes substance loosened and remaining after the Triangulation process is completed for each day. Its elementary use is to clear away loose debris or unwanted thought forms. (cf. Letters on Occult Meditation by A Bailey, pp 191-296).

1 See:
ESOTERIC HEALING by Alan Hopking ISBN: 1-57733-110-9
Dutch translation: ESOTERISCH GENEZEN ISBN: 978 90 202 8446 1
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To find out more or order these books email: alanhopking@godshaer.co.uk