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Technique of Triangulation

The SOUL Mantram

I am the Soul.
I am the Light Divine.
I am Love.
I am Will.
I am Fixed Design.

The SOUL Mantram (full version)

I am the Soul. And also love I am.
Above all else I am both will and fixed design.
My will is now to lift the lower self into the light divine.
This light I am.
Therefore, I must descend to where the lower self awaits my coming.
That which desires to lift and that which cries aloud for lifting
are not at-one. Such is my will.

Heart Center

First of all: Invoke the Soul mantram to activate the Soul Star.

Then use the Technique of Triangulation as follows:

  1. We direct our thought to the Soul Star.

  2. We invoke its response through the mind (mental visualisation).

  3. We direct the movement of the Soul star by means of its own Soul energy.

  4. We do this in a controlled manner.

  5. We thus clear away a channel for the continuous flow of spiritual energy throug the lower vehicles.

  6. We do this slowly, without haste or carelessness.

  7. We do not use the major centers (which are outside the physical body) but substitute centers within the channel. The major centers later move into position along the channel.

  8. Triangulation: Top of Head, Center of Head, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus, Base of Spine, Knees, Soles of Feet, Earth Star below Feet.

  9. Move Soul Star energy slowly and deliberately up the vertical channel.

  10. Do upper points more quickly, spend more time on lower ones (which are courser) for equal development all the way through.

  11. Finally leave all debris from cleaning process into the earth.

  12. The Soul determines what happens. Don’t intellectualise the process.

  13. After the Triangulation Technique is complete move on to perform the Technique of the Spiritual Whirlwind or Funnel.