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A stands for affluence, which stands for the consumption of each person in the population. A common proxy for measuring this affluence is the GDP = global domestic product per capita. It is a measure related to wealth.

World GDP per capita

T stands for how resource intensive the production of affluence is; how much environmental impact is involved in creating, transporting and disposing of the goods, services and amenities used. In short technological efficiency.

As both population and wealth grow almost exponentially technological efficiency, although it does attenuate, cannot prevent the overall impact of growing too. Of course details may change, but the overall picture is clear: In a “business as usual” model for the global population to achieve a wealth level of Denmark in 2050 we would need the resources of two times this planet Earth – for the level of the USA it would be six times. Again forgetting about detail, it is scientifically clear that before 2050 we will hit the wall.